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Alcoutim, Algarve



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A Good Place For Horses & People

Country Quest is a horse farm in Alcoutim, Portugal.  Our mission is to bring people closer to horses, in more ways than just riding. We offer horse assisted mindfulness meditation with our 11 amazing horses for individuals and groups, we arrange hikes with horses and lead rein rides for children only.  We can also teach you about positive reinforcement training and natural ways to keep your horse.

Although everything we do is done with the horses wellbeing as a priority,  we do really look after our guests too.




A horse business with a difference

From the beginning of Country Quest, we always wanted to be the horse business with a difference. We wanted to show people that it is possible to work with horses without exploiting them. Our horses wellbeing is our #1 priority and we are not just saying that because it sounds good. It shows through in everything we do and in the way our horses behave and are.  We believe in a completely force free training and absolutely no violence. We work to create a partnership with each horse, a two way conversation where the horse also has a voice and a right to an opinion.


Our horses wellbeing is our #1 priority

We operate with the animal welfare at the heart of our business. This involves active monitoring of both physical and psychological health of horses, resting periods and rides each horse has taken. Our horses live as a herd in an active stabling arrangement which means they are not confined to a stable, but can choose to come and go as they please. In order to maintain the most natural living conditions for the horses, at Country Quest horses are kept barefoot and ridden bitless.

With Country Quest you get to spend time with horses

Horses can offer you so much more than just a mean to get from A to B – they are so much more than just a mean of transport or a machine to win ribbons with. Horses can offer you so much more than sitting in the saddle, but yet it is often difficult to find a place where you can learn and participate in the care of the horse and a place where the horse is seen as an emotive, valuable being.

Country Quest is not expensive mass tourism operator whose only interest is circulating large numbers of tourist for maximum financial gain – we are a very small family business and we are in business because we love what we do!



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Beautiful natured horses in the middle of paradise

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Great time, lovely people with lovely horses, thank you

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