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Alcoutim, Algarve



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Mindful Meditation with Horses
With Country Quest you will connect with yourself, learn more about horses and their fantastic ability to heal and help.  We offer many different services from courses, accommodation, horse holiday packages to shorter 1 day experiences and trail rides.  Maybe you want to enjoy nice relaxing horse ride on a happy and healthy horse, or maybe times have been stressful and you feel like you need a break to focus on yourself and de-stress? Maybe you are looking for a place to stay for a week with activities arranged for you?
We offer all this and more, all in the gentle, calming, nonjudgemental presence of the horse.

Trail rides with happy, metal free horses – no bits, no shoes, no spurs

Our horses are our friends, they are our team and each one has their own unique personality. They have their good days and their bad days, just as us humans do. We don’t force them to do anything, we aim to make their work so pleasant for them that they are always happy to come out to play.  If for any reason a horse shows unwillingness, we listen and find out what is making them unhappy. We treat them with utmost respect and integrity, they deserve nothing less!

Country Quest is located in the beautiful Algarvian country side near the town of Alcoutim, we are nestled in a beautiful, tranquil location with endless miles of beautiful countryside to explore. Our riding trails are across hills and valleys, there is no roadwork involved. We have great facilities for courses, good learning spaces for workshops and comfortable bedrooms for guests to sleep in.

Our horses wellbeing is our #1 priority

We operate with the animal welfare at the heart of our business. This involves active monitoring of both physical and psychological health of horses, resting periods and rides each horse has taken. Our horses live as a herd in an active stabling arrangement which means they are not confined to a stable, but can choose to come and go as they please. In order to maintain the most natural living conditions for the horses, at Country Quest horses are kept barefoot and ridden bitless.

With Country Quest you get to spend time with your horse before and after your ride!



Horse riding includes so much more than sitting in the saddle, but yet it is often difficult to find a place where you can learn and participate in the care of the horse. In too many trail riding places around the world once you arrive at the stable you get given a helmet (if you are lucky) and get launched on an animal you don’t even know the name of. There is no connection and the whole experience is made to feel unnatural, as if you were riding a machine and not a live animal. Country Quest does things differently, we want to bring back the connection between you and the horse.

Country Quest is not expensive mass tourism operator whose only interest is circulating large numbers of tourist for maximum financial gain – we are a family business and we are in business because we love what we do!


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