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Horse Owner 101 course

Horse Owner 101 – course

This course is designed for new horse owners or those who are interested to learn how to care for horses in a natural way. Covering everything from horse as an animal to basic needs and behaviour, this extensive course will teach you everything you need to know to confidently care for your own horse.
Have you been thinking about bringing your horse home, but worry about not knowing how to look after your horse by yourself? Then this course is for you!
Students of this course also get invited to a closed Facebook group for continued support.
You will also have access to an extensive collection of resources to find even more reliable information about training, feeding and caring for horses in a natural, ethical, holistic way.
You will also receive a PDF copy of all the course material (60pages).
Contact us to arrange your course.
Prices from 999e/pp including accommodation and food.
Minimum time required to complete the course is 3 days – but you are welcome to stay longer if you prefer a less intensive study.
Airport transfers available from Faro or Sevilla.
Group discounts apply for groups over 3 people.
This course can be held in English, Portuguese or Finnish.