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About us

Country Quest offers mindful meditation with horses – experiences that will bring you close to nature and help you discover your true self


With Country Quest you will connect with yourself, learn more about horses and their fantastic ability to heal and help.  We offer many different services from courses, accommodation, horse holiday packages to shorter 1 day experiences. Maybe you want to enjoy nice relaxing walk with a happy and healthy horse, or maybe times have been stressful and you feel like you need a break to focus on yourself and de-stress? Maybe you are looking for a place to stay for a week with activities arranged for you?

All our experiences are carefully planned so that you get to spend relaxing time with our  peaceful  and harmonious herd of 11 equines. Equines are great healers and simply being in their presence helps you forget the stress of daily life back home.

As well as walking and being close to our horses at Country Quest you will have a chance to choose different mindfulness experiences. Our lives are so hectic, our brains never stop, thoughts come in and out in a  constant stream and days go by without a break.

Mindfulness meditation with horses is a truly inspiring experience. You don’t need any previous experience, come as you are, wear what you like and prepare for a great moment of relaxation and revitalisation.

Our promise to you is to give you stress free, relaxing and revitalising time. Our group sizes are small to allow for friendly and attentive service. You may arrive as strangers but you will leave as friends!


What makes us different?

Our concept is to offer so much more than horse riding. To introduce you to a horse as an animal, a living being and a personality and above all a beautiful soul. Horses can offer you so much more than just a riding experience – this is what we want to show you,  a more complete experience that considers the horse as a living, breathing being with emotions, a complete entity that does not need riding to serve us. They are enough, regardless of being ridden or not.

For example, the mindful meditation with horses is a special experience. There is something very powerful in being close to a beautiful animal, not having a language in common but still feeling connected. You do not need any previous knowledge of horses or mediation to attend, these experiences are open to everyone!


Holistic wellbeing for horses

We operate with the horses well being at the heart of our business. It is our #1 priority and it shows in everything we do.

Our horses are kept as naturally as possible. They live outside in a herd with unlimited free movement & forage. They are kept barefoot and not ridden. It is vital that our horses are happy to do what we ask them to do and that they know that it’s ok to say no. Our horses have a right to an opinion and their voices are heard!

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