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Our Horses

Horses and Humans


Our horses are our team – we couldn’t do this without them! We pride ourselves with providing them with exceptional care both physically and mentally. Their wellbeing and happiness is our #1 priority!

We believe in natural horsecare and allow our horses to live as naturally as possible.  Our horses are kept barefoot and ridden bitless. They live out in a herd 24/7 with access to shelter from sun, rain and wind. They have unlimited hay and unlimited fresh water as well portions of hard feed twice daily.

Our horses have a carefully managed workload and we consistently monitor both their physical and mental wellbeing to ensure they are always happy, well and healthy.


Country Quest is a small business ran by only two people, both passionate about horses and people.  We speak fluent English, Finnish and Portuguese.  You can get to know us better below.

Daniel – CEO & Finance

Daniel has a big heart for all animals and great natural skills with horses. Behind the scenes he can be found on the laptop engulfed in excel sheets calculating, estimating & budgeting. If not interacting with the horses, he is often seen building, fixing and creating solutions around the farm – he keeps it all going!

Pia – CEO & Operations

Pia has ever growing enthusiasm in respecting the horse as a living, sentiment being. She firmly believes that horses have a far greater purpose in life than just to  be a tool to be ridden. Her vast background with horses includes working in racing stables, riding schools as well as with hobby horses and at rescue farms. The more she studies and understands the horse as an animal, the softer her approach is becoming. She does not believe in violence or fear based training methods, but believes in the science of learning and creating a partnership with her horses.  

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