Nona Peuransolan retriitti Portugalissa

Nona Peuransola from Finland is coming to Portugal to arrange a retreat here with us in September. The retreat will be held in Finnish this time,  but if there is interest for the same retreat to be held in English it can be arranged. Hevonen oppaana Minuuteen -retriitti Itsetuntemustyöskentelyä hevosten tuella   Nyt on ihana […]

What else can I see?

Here is a brief collection of attractions and points of interest around the area of southern Alentejo and Eastern Algarve. While you are visiting us, it would be a shame to miss these spots! Alcoutim – Within Walking Distance Traditional, small village that has a real portuguese feel to it. Lovely cafes & restaurants and […]

Horses Healing People – A collection of interesting articles

Why are horses such great companions for healing and de-stressing? There are numerous studies and research to back up the fact that being with animals is a great way to relax, de-stress and reconnect with your true self. I thought I would share here some of the most interesting articles I have found, grab a […]

Healing the broken soul

Have you ever heard the expression about emotional baggage? It applies for horses too. Horses live long lives and come across many situations, many people and many traumas too. Often stressful situations come and go fast and the release is imminent or almost imminent. This is the ideal setting, where life in general is good, […]

Human Vending Machine

Human Vending Machine – An analogy about clicker training Picture this; A hot summer day, you have been queuing in a stuffy government office for some paperwork for over an hour. The air is dry and hot, people around you are sweaty and smelly, you are bothered and thirsty. Didn’t think to bring a drink, […]

Our journey so far…

Country Quest Portugal has been a project in the making for over 2 years now. Let me cut a long story short, and tell you how we got here. 2016, East Sussex, UK. Brexit was just voted on, Daniel and Pia felt it for the first time. Racism – it was almost surreal, the morning […]

Why Natural Horsemanship isn’t Natural At All?

Natural Horsemanship… The more we learn about horses and what is natural behavior for them, the more we understand that what is labelled as ‘natural horsemanship’ is actually really far from natural from the horses point of view. Phrases like “move those feet” and “make him work if he does the wrong thing”  are very […]

Country Quest goes CLICK & TREAT

Country Quest has always believed in very soft methods with horses. We ride bitless, our horses live a natural lifestyle and we maintain our horses welfare, both mentally and physically, our number 1 priority.   Recently we have started studying more about equine psychology and the learning theories and principals.  Classical conditioning with positive reinforcement […]

Don’t go away a little – go away a lot!

As you may have read in a post back there, Country Quest recently begun a Monty Roberts horsemanship course. Monty Roberts methods have always been a base which with we have trained our horses and we are now working towards a qualification which will allow us to teach these violence free methods to other people. […]

Why do we ride bitless with Country Quest?

Natural horsemanship and riding bitless often go hand in hand. At Country Quest our horses welfare is our number one priority. I take pride in showing people my horses are happy in their work, they are easy to control, well trained and respect their riders as their leaders. I do not advocate controlling horses by […]