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Mindful Mini Breaks

You are only moments away from a beautiful ride...

Is it time to slow down? Time to take a breath? Really listen to your body and how it feels, right here and right now? Give yourself a little break from the hustle of the city and come see us at Country Quest. Our horses are naturally gifted therapist and their healing power is magnificent. We will give you gentle instructions into the wonderful world of mindfulness and together with our horses you can relax, de-stress and discover yourself again.

As well as mindfulness, we offer horse rides. More than trail rides, these are journeys together with the horses, with no force or violence. Horses are happy, riders are happy, everyone is happy!

From sunrise to sunset, you can relax with us!

We understand that horse riding is more than sitting in the saddle. It is being as one with a majestic, soulful animal, building trust and exploring nature, relaxing and letting go of the stresses of everyday life, just enjoying the moment and forgetting everything else.

Why Choose Us?

We operate with the horses well being at the heart of our business and we want to introduce you to the beautiful world of horses and mindfulness.

With Country Quest, you get to spend time with your horse, breathe together, be together and explore together.  It makes the experience more complete and you get to enjoy that beautiful bond between a horse and a human that we are so privileged to have.

What do we offer?

Within our packages you will find simple horse riding trips, mindful meditation days, positive reinforcement training lessons and accommodation. All of the experiences can be bundled together to make a mindful mini break! For our resident quests we also offer sightseeing options to carefully chosen nearby attractions.

We also work closely with many holistic equine professionals and arrange courses and workshops, keep a look out on our social media and the blog section here on the website.  If you are seeking for a facility to host your own course, please get in touch!

We look forward to meeting you!

Contact us by email or phone today to arrange your mini break! Me puhumme myos Suomea!