Country Quest has always believed in very soft methods with horses. We ride bitless, our horses live a natural lifestyle and we maintain our horses welfare, both mentally and physically, our number 1 priority.


Recently we have started studying more about equine psychology and the learning theories and principals.  Classical conditioning with positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to be the most effective way to train horses. What we like most about it, is that the horses really enjoy learning in this way too. It increases their confidence, they are very motivated and learn very fast. Clicker training is an incredible tool with horses and we are absolutely delighted to have found it!

In this infograph by Fair Horsemanship you can get the basic principles right.

In the future, we hope to host many workshops and groundwork clinics about the subject. Here in Portugal horsetraining methods and horse husbandry in general is still a little old fashioned and largely based on dominance.





Pia Saari is the founder and owner of Country Quest Portugal. Throughout her life she has gathered extensive experience with horses in many different ways. She has worked with horses professionally in riding schools, livery yards and racing stables. She has worked in horse rescue and helped numerous horses recover from severe physical and mental negligence. She has studied equine ethology and psychology, learning theory and many other subjects relating to horses. Country Quest Portugal has a mission and a vision to make the world a better place for horses - sharing knowledge by an online course is a very important part of this mission. The course is priced low to make it accessible for everyone who wants to learn how to better care for their horses.