To all out friends and to the ones who had the privilege of meeting and knowing our Jennifer Lopez
It is with a complete broken heart that we would like to inform that our beloved friend, companion and family member as passed away in our arms due to heart failure, everything was done to save her but the moment came that there was nothing more we could do, so we stayed until the end, holding her, keeping her safe and comfortable as she left this world. Rest in piece my angel ❤️🙏🐴

Pia Saari is the founder and owner of Country Quest Portugal. Throughout her life she has gathered extensive experience with horses in many different ways. She has worked with horses professionally in riding schools, livery yards and racing stables. She has worked in horse rescue and helped numerous horses recover from severe physical and mental negligence. She has studied equine ethology and psychology, learning theory and many other subjects relating to horses. Country Quest Portugal has a mission and a vision to make the world a better place for horses - sharing knowledge by an online course is a very important part of this mission. The course is priced low to make it accessible for everyone who wants to learn how to better care for their horses.