Natural Horsemanship…
The more we learn about horses and what is natural behavior for them, the more we understand that what is labelled as ‘natural horsemanship’ is actually really far from natural from the horses point of view.

Phrases like “move those feet” and “make him work if he does the wrong thing” are very often heard in NH trainers videos closely followed by a horse running scared and confused being followed by the trainer running after it spinning a long and probably very expensive training rope at them.

Horsemaship is not about respect, or dominance or showing who is the boss. I’d go as far as to say it’s not about training, its about companionship, trust and togetherness.

If you can take the time to build a beautiful relationship based on trust,empathy and understanding with your horse,
I can guarantee you won’t need expensive training equipment, whips sticks and bits. It’ll be more rewarding for you and your horse and your relationship will be stronger than you ever imagined.
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