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Our Values

A place that is good for horses and people

From the beginning of Country Quest, we always wanted to be the horse business with a difference. We wanted to show people that it is possible to work with horses without exploiting them. Our horses well being is our #1 priority and we are not just saying that because it sounds good. It shows through in everything we do and in the way our horses behave and are.  We believe in a completely force free training and absolutely no violence. We work to create a partnership with each horse, a two way conversation where the horse also has a voice and a right to an opinion.

We recognise and respect the horses mental well being as a huge part of its complete well being. We aim to provide our horses with the most appropriate living conditions that they can thrive in. Our horses are kept barefoot and maintained largely on a roughage only diet.

We are strong advocates for science based positive reinforcement training and always putting the horses needs first.

Time and time again when people come and visit, they often have the similar feedback;

“Your horses are so calm, so harmonious, so friendly.  I couldn’t imagine they were ever treated badly.”

“It feels nice to be with them.”

“I like it how they come to people, instead of running away.”

“I feel so calm with them, their relaxed presence is contagious.”

So much more than horse riding

We want to introduce you to a horse as an animal, a living being, a personality and above all a beautiful soul. We also want to show you a more complete experience that also considers the horse as a living, breathing being with emotions, opinions and wisdom. Did you ever think that your horse could in fact teach you more than you can teach him?