Here is a brief collection of attractions and points of interest around the area of southern Alentejo and Eastern Algarve. While you are visiting us, it would be a shame to miss these spots!

Alcoutim – Within Walking Distance

Traditional, small village that has a real portuguese feel to it. Lovely cafes & restaurants and narrow cobbled streets that invite you in for an adventure. Beautiful views from the hilltop castle and nice river cruises and crossings to spain. Here you can even hire a canoe to go for a paddle on the river. Small sandy beach has been created and there too is a nice cozy place for coffee or lunch out.

Picture says more than a thousand words, so how about watching this video showcasing the best of Alcoutim. This link will take you to Youtube: Alcoutim Algarve Portugal

Mertola – Beautiful & Traditional Portuguese riverside town

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“Overlooking the River Guadiana, the village of Mértola offers visitors the charm of whitewashed houses on terraced streets adorned with orange trees and illuminated by bright sunlight. The streets lined with time-worn flagstones, witness to the history of a town surrounded by the old wall and forever marked by the cultural heritage of the many peoples who met here, giving it the title of museum town.

At one point an important trading post, when it was the last port north of the “rio grande do sul” (“great river of the south”), as the River Guadiana is known, Mértola was a stopping point for Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Suebi and Visigoths, Arabs and Christians. Today, this historical legacy can still be seen in the many museum centres of the Museum of Mértola distributed around the town, in the features of the houses, the singing of the voices, in the letters and words, in the aromas and flavours, in the art of eating well and welcoming.

Beyond the bustle of the town, the horizon invites you to wander through the landscape, which changes from gentle hills and rolling plains, to abrupt slopes and dense areas of juniper scrub land alongside the Guadiana river. These lands are part of the vast area of the Vale do Guadiana Natural Park, a refuge for emblematic species such as the Iberian imperial eagle, the black stork, the otter, the wild cat, several species of bats, reptiles and amphibians, and a flora rich in aromatic and medicinal plants that give the fields a unique colour and aroma.

O Pulo do Lobo, the river beach of Tapada Grande, the channels of the Guadiana, the old mining complex of S. Domingos or the old river port of Pomarão are but some of the places worth visiting in a municipality that is vast in space and tranquillity. Throughout the year, the landscape varies between winter green and spring colours. Summer leaves the landscape dry and golden, like the deserts of the south. The seasonal hot, dry south-eastern wind (locally known as the “Suão”) stirs up the accustomed quiet of the town, which is kept active, throughout the year, by several cultural events. Not to be missed are the River Fish Festival, Islamic Festival, the Town Feast and the Hunting Fair. And as the Alentejo is not only known for its calm, there are plenty of options for days full of excitement: a trip down the river, a paragliding trip, walking a trail on a moonlit night, a hunt in the municipality, which is the National Hunting Capital, a trip in an all-terrain vehicle or a boat ride on the Guadiana, are only some of them.

In the presence of so many delights, do not forget the local cuisine and the excellent food products such as the sausages and hams, cheeses, bread or rosemary honey, to be tasted here or taken home as a memento. On the road to the Parish Church (previously a mosque), a stop at the Weaving Workshop is a must. An integral part of the Museum of Mértola, woollen blankets are still woven on traditional looms here.

Here, there are many reasons to visit and stay on. Today, the municipality is one of those places of tradition, warmth and tranquillity and lived experience where it is pleasant to spend time and enjoy oneself!

Welcome to Mértola!”

Faro Shopping Centre – Forum Algarve

Located on the western entrance of Faro, just 5 minutes from the airport, Forum Algarve is one of the largest shopping centres in the region. With 100 shops, 20 restaurants, 5 cinema screens, an Hipermarket and a parking area for 2.300 vehicles, it is a landmark project that has rapidly become an obligatory stop for many thousands of local consumers, as well as tourists. Find out more on their website on


Tavira is one of the most charming towns in the Algarve, and is a wonderful destination for a day visit.
Tavira lies along the slow flowing Gilão River, and is a delightful mix of traditional Portuguese heritage with deep-rooted Moorish influences. Concealed within the labyrinth of cobbled streets are traditionally tiled houses, family run restaurants, and a myriad of decorative churches.

South of Tavira are the protected waterways and mudflats of the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, and this leads to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Ilha de Tavira. Surrounding Tavira are the fascinating towns of Olhão, Vila Real and Cabanas, along with world-class golf courses and unspoilt countryside.


We are within a short driving distance to Spain. There are no formalities at the border, free access to come and go. On the spanish side nearby to us, you have the beautiful town of Isla Canela with a stunning 7km long sandy beach, here you can find a nice peaceful spot for sunbathing even in the peak of summer.  Have a better look here;


Alcoutim – small river beach

Mertola – wild river beach

Vila Real de Santo Antonio – Monte Gordo – sandy beach

Vila Real De Santo Antonio  – Monta Rota – fine sandy neach

Santa Luzia – Barril Beach – Very busy and popular beach, fine sand

Ayamonte, Spain – Praida da Isla Canela 7km sandy beach


There are plenty of golf courses to choose from both in Portugal and Spain, these are all within 1h drive from Country Quest:

Benamor Golf, Tavira:

Castro Marim Golf and Country Club:

Isla Canela Golf Course:

Quinta da Ria:


This is just a brief list of places nearby to us. Let us know what your interests are and we will make suggestions for you accordingly! We want you to have a good time with us in Portugal and will happily go the extra mile to make sure you have an enjoyable experience.



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