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The Universe and Us

The universe is everything we can see, but most importantly, also what we can’t see. Everything, including us, is connected in the material and the energetic spectrum, all is conditioned to its own laws and balances.

We are part of this energetic and material connection and everything that happens to others reflects on us and vice versa. The known Butterfly effect, not only affects the material and temporal side, but also the spiritual one.

We are part of the collective and the collective is all around and what makes us exist.

Our Body and our Soul

Like the universe, we are also made of energy. The energy is in our core at it’s pure state and  that is what we attribute the most common designation of soul. Energy can only interact in the most pure ways and under its own laws, therefore, our bodies are the soul’s vehicle in order to enable movement, interaction and communication in a controlled and low level way. Our bodies are no more than organic machines, controlled by a rational central area, linked with all members through different types of connections, in order to function properly. The rational presence of the soul in the body is barely perceptive and usually, to establish a inner connection, tools like meditation or other similar methods are needed.

Once the body stops working, the soul returns to it’s original place and this scenario is interpreted often as death and ascension to heaven, this is the closest description of the event because the human brain has not achieved yet the ability to fully comprehend the process.

All physical bodies are regulated by and function with energy, that energy is supplied by the soul in it’s pure energetic state. In order for each one’s energy to remain around the body and not to dissipate, everyone has what is defined as an energetic field that measures around 1.5mt, and, what enables the electromagnetic field that holds that same energy within that length is one of the most important organs, the heart.

Death ends the process and the soul has no option but to ascend.


Communication can take many forms or ways. In the perceptive way, humans can communicate, from verbally, to gestual and so on, but not with other souls or the Universe. The true communication at the core level or energetically, enables anyone and everyone to communicate with each other, any other living soul and the collective (Universe) without restrictions.

This connected communication can be achieved through meditation, concentration and focus. One can say that mediation is the gateway to universal communication and its a way that can be used from the rational side up to the spiritual one.

Once communication is established, the limits are as unlimited as one’s brain can deliver and, more its practiced, better results are achieved.

Soul attack and the body reaction

Often the attack at one’s soul is reflected in it’s body. The soul is the essence to the balance of the body’s function, most of the symptoms are felt at the physical level, leading to conventional treatments that don’t address the soul but the body’s symptoms. This is not a cure but a camouflage instead.

In order to heal the body, often the soul needs to be healed first and this can only be achieved by taking a journey to the core, to see what’s wrong and clean what’s causing it. Soon after this process, the body returns to a balanced state and recovers.

There are ways to attack one’s soul and many humans seek the ones who know how to do these attacks in order to affect someone’s soul, this can be for the most varied of scenarios from material jealousy to love obsessions but, like all laws that rule the Universe, for what can be done, can also be undone and everything that can be done with bad intentions, can also be canceled.

Horse’s energy compared to human energy

As explained above, all living beings have a soul that is made of energy with its own properties and frequency making it unique. The souls energy field and the electromagnetic are similar in everyone but the frequencies are not, making it easier or harder to establish connection, depending on which species we are dealing with.

This brings us to the equine species, its frequency and their magnetic field. Equines, on average, have a heart 4 times bigger than humans, therefore, their electromagnetic field is also about 4x wider than ours. When a human approaches an equine, due to the laws of physics where a smaller body gets affected to a bigger one (eg. moon attracted to earth), automatically our force field gets absorbed by the equine’s one. This causes our brain to slow down and release chemicals that gives us the feel-good sensation followed by the breathing slowing down and the rest of the body adjusting to the slower pace.

On the soul level, equines have a very powerful and similar energy frequency. Their proximity to us, as explained above, enables our soul to potentially receive their energy in vast amounts but because the frequency is slightly different, meditation is needed to match the frequencies and open the channel.

Unlike humans, equines live in the present and their mood is usually positive when they are in their environment and comfort zone. By establishing a connection to an equine, humans can benefit from this positiveness and pure energy leading to, in most cases, trauma healing and consequently, body healing.

Compared to other living beings, equines have the best connection and energy transfer abilities, making them the best healers there are.

It can be said that equines true purpose is to help energetically and not to be used for other means.


We can teach on how to to protect and heal from malicious attacks,  create own talisman and charms to stay as safe as possible at all times, Purify the soul and body and protect the home and close family.

We host from a 1 day interaction including energetic guided meditation, to a week detox that cleans the soul and body, leading to a new reborn person.

Because everyone´s needs and problems are unique, so are our packages, so please do get in touch with your issues and we will offer you the best option to resolve it.